The Beast Within Feast to Stop Hunger

The Beast Feast was started six years ago to solely support organizations within Citrus County who feed the hungry.  This gathering is designed to … [Read More...]

Dementia Spotlight Educational Seminar

March 8th 10:00am - 2:00pm Lake Magdalene United Methodist Church (Heritage Hall) 2902 W Fletcher Ave Tampa, Florida. Free Dementia Care Seminar … [Read More...]

2016-HHS Guidelines – Patient Access to Records

Back in the day, a person stayed with one doctor for many years.  Now, with changes in insurance and a transient population, changes in care providers … [Read More...]

Demographic Changes Call for RE-Thinking Staffing for Senior Housing

Demographic trends show the average and mean of the age of the US population getting older.  This is something to look forward to for those who own … [Read More...]

What One Thing Brings Holiday Cheer to Employees?

Yes!  There is one thing that ALF owners and senior living managers can do to make employees cheer at holiday time. It is coming to the end of … [Read More...]

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